Sunday, December 2, 2012

I love mail!

I'm a nerd. I wholeheartedly embrace it.
Major worldwide celebrities don't really excite me. I wouldn't believe that it was really handled by the celebrity if I received a response. I would assume that it was someone in their entourage.

But crafting celebrity idols? Definitely them. And definitely exciting.

Yesterday morning, I was looking through Delia's recent posts and noticed her husband's wedding band. Weird? Probably. But what caught my eye was that it's black. You don't see a lot of those out there. Except, my husband has one. So I emailed her to mention it and ask what her husband's is made of. And she replied!!! I got so geek excited, not just for the reply, but also because of the coincidence of the matching color/materials.

Then, a little while later, I was on Etsy adding to my Christmas Wishlist and I came across a treasury of orange items, nearly all of which were subsequently added to my list. So I decided to send the link to the treasury to Katy, another of my idols. No reply last night, but I figured she would be too busy to respond, and that's ok. But then this morning, I checked my email and she replied! And she liked the treasury!

Double score!