Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

First of all..I want to say Happy Mother's Day to all of you who are moms or will be moms...even those with furry children (like my sister). You (we) work hard and it's appreciated!
Me and my mom (don't tell her I used this picture!)
My mom came home from Mississippi to visit and it was nice. She's wonderful and I miss her so much. She spent all day Friday with T and D, and checked in on B&E. Then yesterday I took her into town so we could check out the local farmer's market and spring festival that was going on. 

T and I went to lunch with a cousin and his wife - they're currently trying to get pregnant - so we got them a "Future Mother's Day" gift :). It was fun because afterwards we ran a few errands on the way to the house and then played Wii til about 9. 

Today we all went over to my sister's house for lunch before heading out to window shop and pick up B&E from their weekend with their mom. Easy dinner and some laundry and here I am. Watching a movie and getting ready for bed before starting another week at work.

Oh, except E made me cry tonight with the presents she made in school. She and B planted some flowers at school and brought them home for me. It was the sweetest thing :)

And last, but CERTAINLY not least...Congrats to Jessica from Craftiness is not Optional. She's expecting a new little one this coming November. What better news to share on Mother's Day than that!

So night night, sleep tight, and thank Heaven for the mom that brought you into this world.

Friday, May 11, 2012



Ugh. I've sneezed enough for a small nation today. My manager came in last week sick, and though she wasn't in the office much or long, she loves to stand at my desk (I sit in the middle of our group).

Wednesday night sent me to bed feeling like I was wearing goggles coated with sand and jalapenos. I left work early on Thursday so I could try to get the swelling to go down.

Thursday night wasn't so bad. Lots of congestion, but no sneezing, no coughing.

This morning....I woke up sneezing.
I sneezed on the way to the shower.
I sneezed through the shower.
I sneezed after the shower.
Then I sneezed through work.
Finally, around 1:30, I hit my wall. My shoulders and back ache, my eyes are lined with sandpaper and tied with weights. My nose is raw and red. And I can't. Stop. Sneezing.

Welcome to Spring!