Friday, April 20, 2012

Slammin' Salmon

I hate salmon. Ok, I don't totally hate it anymore. But I used to.

Until a coworker discovered this nifty trivia bit about me and decided to win me over to the dark side. She grilled a couple of pieces and managed to keep her little guy (age 2) from gobbling it up before she could bring it in for me. And you know, despite having been reheated in the microwave, it was pretty tasty!

The past couple of days I haven't been feeling so good, so today when I actually ate all of my lunch I figured it was a good sign. I stopped on the way home and got some salmon, a thing of 4 artisan lettuces and some fresh baby bella mushrooms.

Since dinner tonight was so yummy (D ate a whole piece all by himself!), I figured I'd share the simple meal with you all.

First, I took some aluminum foil and laid the salmon fillets on top. I lightly brushed the bottoms with olive oil. Then I lightly sprinkled some garlic powder, coarse sea salt, onion powder and smoked paprika on top. I folded the sides up and made a nice, tightly sealed little pouch with the foil and T put them on the grill.

For the asparagus, I made them my usual way - trim off the bottoms, then lightly coat with olive oil. I sprinkled on some coarse sea salt, garlic powder and fresh ground pepper. T puts them right on the grill and lets the tips and some of the stalks get a little blackened. Mmmm...

And finally, the salad. I rough chopped all four of the artisan lettuces (really, why are they called that? Either way, that's what the box they come in says) and tossed them in my big mixing bowl. Then I washed and sliced the baby bellas, chopped up some cucumber and apples, threw in some grapes, shredded a carrot or two and added some French's Fried Onions. A little shredded cheese and that bad boy was ready to be dressed!

All in all, dinner was light, filling and tasty. Not too shabby for the first foray into grilling fish.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


My husband has a vlog on YouTube and since he recently reached 100 subscribers, he posted a video asking for his viewers to submit questions for him to answer. Since I don't have the time to commit to really posting lots and pushing for more subscribers of my own here, I figured I'd just answer some of the questions he's received.

1. What's your favorite movie?
It's a tie. My favorite musical movies are Labyrinth and Singing in the Rain. My favorite "chick flick" is Love, Actually. And my favorite Horrody (horror comedy) is Shaun of the Dead. Any of those movies can be watched repeatedly on any given day.

2. What's your favorite new tv show this past season?
I love New Girl, and (though it was season 2, it was new to me) Happy Endings was AWESOME. But I think my current addictions are GCB (and yes, my accent gets worse after every episode) and Once Upon a Time (who doesn't love a real life fairy tale book?)

3. What book are you reading?
Well, I started a few weeks ago on Beautiful  Creatures. But then my dad came home with Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. I snatched it (nicely!) and dug in.

4. Did somebody just say...BANANAS?!?
Nanananananana let's go bananas! My husband teases me for knowing all the words, including the rap, to this song from Fresh Beat Band. We're fans of the original Marina (no offense to the new one!), and he randomly starts singing the song in the parking lot while we're out because I can't resist singing along and doing the parts he doesn't know.

Well, that's all I've got for now. Soon there may be more, depending on time. I took today off for toddler appointments, so I figured I'd do a quickie post while waiting for the big kid bus. Good day to be not at work - it's so chilly and rainy. I've had my cuppa and snuggled in bed for a while and man...I needed that! 

Monday, April 9, 2012


Hi everyone!
So, recently I accepted a full time position at the bank where I was working as a temp. I'm really excited to have full time work (so much less stressful when you aren't worried about your contract ending!), and benefits, and I actually enjoy my job. My team is small (only 10, plus the manager, when we're fully staffed!), which makes us a lot like family.

The problem I'm having is with missing my blog and you all. See, I get up at 5:15 every morning so I can shower before I have to get the kids up. Then they get dressed while I'm getting myself ready for work. We have to be out the door no later than 6:10 to catch the bus and I don't even have time to come back inside once they're off to school. Shoot, I don't even have time to do makeup before leaving, unless I want to get up earlier (and really, who wants to do that?). After work is through, I head home and cook dinner, help with the bits of homework I'm better with explaining, and finally I get to relax for about 30 minutes before my bedtime. It's exhausting most days!

So now I don't have enough time to blog, much less sew. Hopefully as work slows down a bit with more people coming to our teeny group, I'll have more time on the weekends and less stress every day. But for now, I likely won't blog much. I just didn't want you to think I was ignoring you. I'm not. I miss you guys like I miss my kids when I head to work every day.

Hopefully soon I'll have something new to post. Maybe even a cross-post with my husband and his YouTube channel (he reviews metal music)

Discovery Place Kids

My husband's mom lived right down the street from this made-for-kids museum, which opened about 6 months before she passed. Unfortunately, we were never in good enough of a financial position to afford to visit, even when we were already in the area to visit her. Until now.
I have to say, this is an awesome museum and play area for kids. My problem was that it was a rainy Saturday (what better day to go?) and it was slam packed. Which made for a crowded, muggy, miserable time when you're trying to keep up and interact with your kids.
 Doctor Emily works sideways!
All tuckered out...