Saturday, August 25, 2012

Kudzu, King of the South

Today saw the return of the Kudzu Festival to my small town. It had been 6 years since the last one. Funny enough, just a couple of weeks ago, my husband and his cousins were talking about how we all grew up here but never went to the festival. Then a week later, I get a message from the PTO at the kids' school telling everyone that it was back!

Unfortunately, B&E were spending the weekend with their mom, so it was just me, the hubs, my father in law and Baby D (who is not so much baby anymore...waaaah)

First, we went to the petting zoo area. D has never really gotten to see a lot of animals beside cats and dogs, despite living out in the boonies. He got to see a sheep, a handful of goats (babies!), a duck, a hen, some puppies, a couple of rabbits...and a 2 day old piglet (squeeee!).
He's wearing his crown!
 After the petting, it was time to ride the pony!
He was so unnerved that I had to hold him up the entire ride...but it was so worth it :)
We were hoping to try some fried kudzu blossoms and any other kudzu delicacies, but sadly (or happily?) the only one they had was kudzu jelly. 
We tasted this one and bought a jar. It was actually really good - tastes like apples and honey. Check out the store, too. The original is in Valley Crusis, NC, just outside Boone, but there's another one in downtown Asheville, too. Seriously, check them out and buy some Kudzu Blossom Jelly while you're at it!

Finally, we wandered through the refurbished historic buildings and headed inside the main museum building to see the civil war history of our town. It was nice to have a break from the heat in the sun, and it was neat to look around a place I hadn't been since early middle school.

The hubs bought me a new ring 

and I bought him a small geode to break for B&E when they come home so they can see what's inside. We also made a deal to go visit the same historic site again with all three kids, and go visit the Andrew Jackson Park not far from here so we can go for a nature walk again, too. 

For more info on the museum that supported the festival this year, visit Andrew Jackson's Birthplace.

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