Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Big 2-8!

So. Tomorrow is my birthday.
circa September 1984
T claims I'm about to eat my sister up, like a lion devouring a gazelle. (Get it? Lion? 'Cause I'm a LEO?)
Being a Megan is tiring work!
Every SuperGirl needs her Duplo Bloks!
 And every super hero crash lands at least once...
I think I was a homemade butterfly until I was 7
2 weeks before T found me again
Can you believe it will have been 3 years next week?
My oldest and dearest bestie, at my baby shower
And that's me. I couldn't find the pictures of me from this past July 4, but I'll add them when I do. Now you're caught up on 28 years of yours truly!

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