Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dexter Duck

This week is B's turn to bring home Dexter Duck. He comes in his own bag with a few books. And the kids get to take him with them everywhere they go over the weekend, taking pictures along the way. Then on Sunday night, the pictures get printed and a story is written, and the whole class gets to hear the adventure on Monday.
We took Dexter to dinner last night. B found his first real crush (a cute girl there for a Father/Daughter dinner party), and promptly forgot where he left Dexter. T found him under a coat and tucked him in next to him.
Then he snuck out for a quick photo op with Ms. E. B was looking the other direction, worried about telling his teacher that he'd managed to lose the class duck in a matter of hours.
HEY! Where'd you find him! No fair!
Today we took the kids on more errands, but included a trip to the jumpy play place palace. Yeah...that's what I'm gonna call it. Dexter spent most of his time on the couch with T while the kids played and I chased Baby D around. But he did get to play for a minute and enjoy a ride down the slide.
 Finally, before we headed home for the night, Dexter took a ride with Uncle Drew. E dug up quarters from the yard in the back.

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