Saturday, February 4, 2012

It's good to have work

This past week was my first week with my new job, and of course it's nothing but training. So far, so good. It seems like it will be much like my last job, just more specialized, which is nice - I love the familiarity, but crave the challenge of something new. And the trainer is wonderful with all four of us.

Next week is more training before they turn us loose. The hours are 7 am - 4 pm. That makes it perfect to get the kids up and off to the school bus before taking off myself, and I still get home in plenty of daylight to make dinner and see everyone before bedtime. The downside is that I haven't gotten my sleep schedule worked out, and Baby D has gotten his all out of whack, so I find myself exhausted by 8 pm. Soon....soon it will be better.

Oh! And more news? I got to pick out new glasses frames today! Woohoo! No more crooked and broken metal frames! No more scratched and blurry lenses! I get to pick them up on Valentine's Day and I am SOOOOOOOOOO excited. Like, so excited, I might get bangs. (nothing like a Happy Endings reference to make my day).

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