Saturday, February 4, 2012

Paranormal What?

I LOVE scary movies. The creepy ones that are more about suspense than gore are my cup of tea (not to discount the gorefest, though...I do have a soft spot for those as well). When Paranormal Activity first came out, I was beyond excited. It looked like something that would scare the poo out of me and leave me begging for more. I was right. Even the sequel didn't disappoint.

And then...they decided to change directors and capitalize on the hype. I wish they hadn't.

T brought home Paranormal Activity 3 last night, just for me. Maybe I was just so hyped up to see it that I had expectations that were too high. Or maybe they were in for the jump out and grab you scares instead of the subtle, nail biting, "did I just see that?" kind. I remember the first movie had a scene where you saw footprints in baby powder...actually, I should say hoof prints. And it also had bumps, and doors/cabinets moving on their own..and the creepiest thing: Katie (the main character) getting out of bed and standing there for hours staring at her sleeping boyfriend. The second movie takes place at the same time as the first, but focuses on Katie's sister and her family. It's just as creeptastic, with the focus on the toddler son. The dog barks at "nothing" in the room, the reflection in the mirror still faces out even though the boy is not facing the mirror, etc.

In number three, they move back in time to investigate what makes the first two stories happen. But it's a different director. Now, I enjoyed the movie Catfish, in a strange, what's going on sort of way. They weren't meant for the subtle horror movie. There are multiple times where the characters jump at the camera to scare you. They try to explain the strange noises and events as part of a game of Bloody Mary, or maybe witches lived in our houses? Or maybe...there were too many options so they decided to throw all of them at us.

Sorry for the mini rant about a horror movie. I know this blog is mostly for crafting and cooking, but this...I just couldn't let this go. I promise that I'll have another post about cross stitch (I have a Kat R. Pillah to share!) soon, and perhaps a jacket or shirt or something soon (I'm mulling a color block shirt like the dresses the celebs are wearing) when I get my sleeping schedule balanced and I'm not so tired. The moral of this post? Don't watch Paranormal Activity 3. Just stick with the first two and make up the third in your head.

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