Sunday, July 21, 2013

Em's Birthday Picnic

Emily turns SEVEN on Wednesday, but since she'll most likely be spending the week with her Mommy, we had our party yesterday.
Our backyard is unfortunately barren of grass, toys and a playset. And I've been so busy that making game stations was...well...not happening.
So we met up with everyone at the park here in town. It's funny because initially we were only expecting a HS friend and her crew of 5 and a new friend with her 3 plus 1. We wound up with friends showing up that we hadn't seen in years. It was so awesome for us AND all the kids.
She was amazed we knew EXACTLY what she wanted. Haha!
Gifts from friends makes this girl HAPPY.
B got a girl...that he's got a crush on.
Nope, these boys aren't related..not with those noses...
D enjoying the cake pops that Grampa made since he couldn't make it.
Most of my friends wouldn't get why I geeked out when I saw this on the picnic table, but fans of Doctor Who will get it.
Perfect end to a perfect day

For the food, we grabbed a big pack of 24 hot dogs from Aldi for $3.99 and 3 packs of buns for $0.79 each. I boiled the hot dogs and then put them in the buns. We had a big container that some storage containers came in. It was perfect. It kept everything neat and the lid kept the steam in so the buns didn't get crusty.

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