Saturday, July 6, 2013

I'm Baaaaaack!

It's been a long time, shouldn't have left you...
Sorry, I've been listening to my Justin Timberlake station on Pandora lately and Aaliyah plays often.

Anywhoo...We moved into our new house and we're settled in. There's still no art on the walls, but we're working to figure out what we want to have that we'll ALL be happy with (SORRY babe, not having horror movie posters all over the house!)

The big kids finished 2nd and first grades at their new school and things went MUCH better than at their old school. It's amazing how getting to start over can make all the difference. They're both looking forward to the upcoming school year with new friends and cousins that just so happen to go to school with them. And Em's birthday is coming up with our first ever birthday party at OUR house.

Baby D (who is not so baby and will be THREE in September) is just about done with his speech therapy and everyone is shocked at how well he's enunciating and the sentences he's stringing together. We've been trying to use bigger words around the house, not just for his benefit, but for the big kids, too.

And the last update. The girl who shares my cube wall, and the rest of her team that sits near us for that matter, call me SuperMegs because of all the from scratch cooking I do, sewing for me and the kids, and general craftiness. They're consistently amazed at how I get up and get myself ready for work while packing lunches and getting the kids up and ready.To me, it's hilarious that they think I'm so spectacular when in my head it just all makes sense and seem normal. But on those off days when I have no confidence in myself, I pull out the Wonder Woman earrings the hubs got me for Christmas. They "totes" help. :)

So the friend at work keeps pestering me to set up a blog with my cooking and crafting adventures so she can learn from me. Little did she know that I already had a blog that I'd been neglecting and wanting to get back into. This one's for you, Kisha...I'm going to start later tonight with a blog about today's menu planning and grocery shopping trip. Since we lost overtime at work, money has gotten a little bit tighter and we've had to make sure that our grocery shopping for 2 weeks at a time is tight and on point. If we forget anything, it had better be little and cheap, and NOT a whole meal, right? So the first blog post on this will include the menu for my family for the next 2 weeks and the grocery list I made (and of course don't use because lists live longer, more productive lives inside my head). I'll also share the before and after pictures of our trunk so you can see what the money bought.

After that, I'll try to do a post or two each week on meals that I've cooked and the family has enjoyed. We are all trying to eat healthier, so you won't see a lot of meals with red meat, and (hopefully) you'll see more veggies in play. Remember, B hates veggies, so if I can make healthy, delicious veggies that HE'LL eat, then you'll be good, too!

See you soon!

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