Friday, January 27, 2012

News! I got a new pair of NEWS!

Ok, so I totally stole the inspiration for the title from the song off Yo Gabba Gabba (Shoes! I got a new pair of shoes! Shiny and clean, they're my favorite color green. A new pair of shoes). But it's ok, because I DO have two pieces of news to share!

First, I am happy to finally be able to share that this past December 30, T and I finally tied the knot. It was just a simple, quickie ceremony and we had no family there. My mom lives in MS for work and if one person couldn't make it, we didn't want any people to make it to avoid anyone feeling like we'd planned things so they were excluded. ('d happen). So we asked a couple of friends...and then an extra friend because one of our first choices was due any day then and I hoped if she planned on being there for us, then life would kick in and she'd go into labor. No such luck - she had to be induced a few days later.

Second, life has been tough the past month. When T lost his job, we were already pretty strapped from Christmas. We've spent the past month relying on the grace of God and the love and assistance of our already strapped families. Thankfully, we've already gotten our taxes filed and that wonderful child credit gives us something to float on for a while. Buuuuuut....the REAL second bit of news is *drumroll*
I got a job! Whoo! It's decent hours where I'll still get to see the kids and even make dinner, plus it's close-ish to home and the pay is great!

Unfortunately that last bit means I'll have to slow the crafting (could it really get any slower?) for a bit while I get life balanced back out from the job and whatnot, but I'll still be trying to make stuff in the spare time and on the weekends.

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