Thursday, October 27, 2011


This year we had a couple of big birthdays. First was Miss E, turning the BIG 5! She was so excited, as were we. Not just because it was a milestone, but also because she got to start Kindergarten this year. We took the kids to Extreme Play, kind of like Monkey Joe's, but about $.50 cheaper per kid, and followed up with dinner at CiCi's Pizza. What more could you ask for as a kid?
 Check out the birthday shirt and crown...I LOVE those square quilting quarter packs!

Cake courtesy of my sister, Kyrie. I'll post more about her cakes later.

Then in September, we had Mr. D turning a whole year old. My baby! I'm still coming to grips with it. Things got a little lot crazy around then with everyone moving around and doing their thing with the start of school and trying to find new jobs. So we just did a quick little thing at the local park so the big kids could play and have a good time. Unfortunately, D decided to delay his nap until the time of the party, so we had to wait for him to wake a little. Which meant he needed his best friend (bottle) first, and even then he was pretty cranky. And he is actually a clean kid with food and doesn't smear no really good cake smear pics. Oh, and mommy forgot her camera :( Oh well. Aunt Kyrie again provided his smash cake and cupcakes for everyone else.
 And finally, 2 weeks after that, was B's 7th birthday. He's lucky - he gets to celebrate his birthday in school with his friends. The closest I ever got to that was senior year of high school when they started school 5 days after my birthday. Oh well...I'll spoil him and live vicariously :) We did the same for his birthday as E's, but this time we just let them go. But first, since his actual birthday was on a Friday, I made cupcakes for his class. I desperately wanted to use gummi savers and tropical Twizzlers to make the emblems for the various Green Lantern Corps rings, but they were arguing with me. I'll leave the fancy schmancy cakes to my sister and she'll leave the sewing and crafting to me :)
A decent alternative to the Green Lantern Corps colors, no?

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