Friday, October 21, 2011

I'm an AUNTIE!!!

My best friend welcomed her son, Sam, this morning at 2:22 am. She sent me a picture an hour and a half later and I saw it after taking my kidlets to school. I. Am. Smitten. I love him already, and I won't get to hold him until her next visit, whenever that may be. But YAY! We both felt like she was pregnant for. ever. (say that like the kid from The Sandlot) much so that I texted her every day for the past week asking if he was here (like "Red Rover, Red Rover, sent Sammy right over...and out").

I'm waiting to speak to her before I post the picture she sent, but as soon as I get the ok, you get to meet Mr. Samuel, too!

So last post I said I should talk about more crafty things...What's more crafty than making a baby? ;)

EDIT: I talked to mommy and she said I could post a picture or two of little Sam, so...Sam, the world. World, Sam.

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