Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pattern Testing

Remember how I said I adore the Running with Scissors blog (like you was, oh...just one post before this?)? Well, I checked in today and saw a new post about followers that were lucky enough to test the Woodland Animals pattern. I was JEALOUS! But then further down in the post I saw mention of possible testers being used for the Adult Hipster Hoodie. Woohoo! So I shot Jess a quick email to throw my name in the hat as a tester, and...

She replied! I feel so silly being so excited that she replied, and she was super nice about my restrained fawning (ok, so my youngest waking from his nap was what forced my restraint with just a quick email). 

And now I'm in the running to test her pattern, and I'm even more excited because I am a HUGE fan of hoodies. And so is Travis...and the kids. So this will be so awesome to try out. I guess it's a good thing Trav's work schedule is changing so I have more hands to catch the soon to be walking/running little man!

PS...I hope that this isn't coming off too stalkerish, now that there are TWO posts mentioning Running With Scissors. Guess next post should be something more crafty!

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