Saturday, October 22, 2011

Halloween Fundraising

Tonight we took the kids to the local car dealer/city for a Halloween fundraising "carnival." I use the term "carnival" lightly. The flyer sent home from the school promoting this shindig boasted of two haunted houses and 3D mini golf (though my thoughts on this are that if you're the one playing it in person, isn't it guaranteed to be 3D by default?), games, food, prizes, and the whole 9 yards.

So we get there and park at the back of the back lot, get the kids' costumes arranged again, and then head to the see a couple of food tents set up, a DJ playing standard fare and a whole lot of nothing else. Oh well, we wandered around a bit and let the bigs play with the radio station's Wii dancing game before figuring out how to buy tickets and grabbed food. We ran into B's teacher and she felt the same about the event as we did, but support the school we must.

While T and I ate (the kids, of course, eat like prisoners and were done in record time), we watched the kids play with the bubbles and smoke coming from the DJ booth, and then enjoyed them running around chasing each other and their friends. All in all we had a pretty good time, despite the false advertising and the drastic temperature drop after sundown.

Aaaaaaaand, I got to showoff the costume work I did for E. B was a ninja, and she wanted to be both a ninja and a princess. So I obliged by buying a costume for each and then using her original costume as the template for her princess-y materials. Baby D just wore his glow in the dark, mostly because I didn't have the time this week to do his Max costume (don't worry, it'll be done this week in time for Trunk or Treating), but he was still adorable. And so excited that he caught the attention of the local (ok, she part of a syndicated team) morning radio host, Sheri Lynch. Woohoo!

 My little baby skeleton...he glows in the dark!

My baby lives dangerously, and picks his teeth with an athame.

My ninja prince and princess, with Daddy doing his ninja outfit adjustments

This was 3D golf?

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