Saturday, December 3, 2011

I'm back in black! ( elephants, rather)

A few years ago, when I was still a little VERY delusional about my size in clothing, I bought an adorable Nick and Nora night shirt from Target. It was on sale, like one of their blink and it's gone because it's only pennies sales. That probably contributed to me buying a small when I haven't been a small since...middle school. But buy it I did, and love it I do.

Over Thanksgiving, my mom came home and cleaned out her closet and dresser, and lo and behold! There was my night shirt. She thoughtfully put it into the "turn into more clothes for E" pile currently taking over the dining room. The past few days I've been stuck in the doldrums, possibly because it seems there are more expenses than money coming in, and possibly because my little baby D has learned to climb. I'm thrilled that he's learning new things, and that he can get up and down himself (with the help of a two step stool) with the love seat. But with this new skill has come new clinginess, too. Which means no sewing or crafting for this mama. :(

And then...I rearranged the toys in the living room today. It's like a whole new play room for him! I got to sew! I wanted to make some shirt sleeve pajama pants for E using this shirt, but I also knew it would make an excellent shirt. The shirt won out...and while sad that she doesn't have any pants yet to match, I do love the shirt's new life.

PS - For anyone wondering why T hasn't been helping with the kids...he works third shift on the weekends with 10 hour shifts. So he pretty much gets up, goes to work, comes home and sleeps. Lather, rinse, repeat. Four days each week. The rest of the time, he's helping do anything my heart desires :)

Baby D fell asleep this afternoon halfway up his stairs onto the couch. Forgive the messy floor (he's a tornado) and the chipped toenail leg was partially holding him up. CUUUUTE!

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