Saturday, December 17, 2011

On the first day..

..of winter break, the kids were hellions.

B has this habit of waking himself up REALLY early. And then staying up. He's done it as long as I've known him, which is not a good thing. But at least he's stopped waking E up super early...just kinda early.

Because of this habit of making himself tired before the day even begins, thus giving rise to the bully that is Big Brother (no, not the CBS or Orwellian kinds), I've been stressing a bit about what to do to keep the kids occupied during this first week.

Today, I made them come hang out with me and the babe so they could decorate some foam stockings my mom brought at Thanksgiving. They did pretty good for a while, as you can see.
And I don't want to hear anything about the pile of need to be folded towels on the couch behind them. I've been prepping crafts. Get over it.
After this, I sat them down to color their imaginations out onto plain white copy paper. More on the reasons for that tomorrow. I'm thinking we'll do the Scrap Fabric Wreaths on Monday/ stay tuned!
The Babe, during craft time. Mmm...purple plastic baby spoon...

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