Thursday, December 15, 2011

Steaming Mug of Comfort

Look up at that header at the top of the page. Isn't it pretty? Why thank you.

I didn't take a single one of those photos myself. Not that I couldn't. It was just nice to look around at the beauty available at my fingertips on the web.

I emailed the lovely blog owner of that mug of pepperminty goodness, asking for permission to use her photo, offering to do a post thanking her for her kindness if she agreed. Last week, I received a short but oh so sweet yes you may! So here's my heartfelt thank you to Ms. Jessica for allowing me to use her photo.

Hot drinks are my weakness. They are my comfort, so much so that even just thinking of a Venti Triple Caramel Macchiato makes my shoulders relax and my eyes droop (That much caffeine and it makes me sleepy?! Yup..since I was a baby.) So when tasked with finding a picture of comfort, I knew just what I was looking for.

Ms. Jessica's post on Homemade Peppermint Hot Cocoa popped up in my google image search, and I was hooked. Now I just need to follow her post and make some. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE the peppermint lattes (I don't like them with mocha) from Starbucks this time of year? Hint hint.

Now go check out the blog and share the love!

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