Saturday, December 10, 2011

Are you ready?

For Christmas, I mean.
We aren't. Not even close.
No tree yet.
Nativity still packed in the attic.
I didn't think about the advent bandwagon until too late...I should remedy this for next year.
But I did get a gift this morning.

A good friend of mine, met through my dad at work, has a son that is 2 years older than D and a 6 month old daughter. She works and she LOVES her kids, and is a wonderful caring soul.

She knows our situation with money and clothes and everything, and to help (both us and her) she's been clearing out her son's closet as he grows and sending giant bags of designer clothes home to us. This morning was the latest installment.

10 prs of jeans from Children's Place, Oshgosh, etc.
4 or so prs of lounge pants, with a matching sweatshirt for one pair
1 Oshgosh winter coat
2 prs of mittens
a gazillion hats, including an awesome one with ear flaps!
and a pack of overnight diapers!

She's the awesomesauce. And she loves that I pay it forward by saving the clothes (and E's) for Sam's mommy (see this post to meet Sam).

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