Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Boy, that Jeopardy sure is hard!

Tonight was the east coast online test for Jeopardy! I wanted to do it last year, but with the working and the new baby, things just didn't time out for me. So this year I registered in plenty of time and managed to take the test on time.

Boy is it hard! I'm sure I didn't do so well, but you'll never know unless they call you for an audition. But I can say that the test made me realize just how much I don't know...and how much I needed a nap and a quiet room.

Oh well. Veggie and Roast Soup for dinner and kidlets sleeping early tonight has left some time for T and I, which is a rarity. He's working on his research for his vlog since Wikipedia will be down all day tomorrow, and I'm helping him research and giving myself a much needed semi mani/pedi. Oh, and listening to the rain come down before it turns all too cold again tomorrow.

A little bit of hope on the job front...but my superstitions force me to remain quiet for a little longer.

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