Monday, January 9, 2012

Our New Years Resolution

I hate looking for a new job.

A few days before New Years, T's contract ended abruptly (he works through an agency at the moment). Yay! It's such a good way to start our new year off, right? It especially stinks because T was working to allow me to stay home and see D's first stuff, like first steps, first words, etc. He got to see those things with B and E, but I didn't meet them until they were almost 5 and barely 3, respectively. Now, it's back to whoever gets a job first, at least until Gramma moves back to NC.

So we're back to the drawing board and just trying to make it til one of us finds a job. I just finished updating completely redoing both of our resumes, and I'll be scouring the online sites again later this afternoon.

Do you know of a good site to look for jobs? Share it in my comments! Especially if you know of any work-at-home or telecommuting positions.

If anyone is looking for work right now, GOOD LUCK! And if you're in a stable position with work in your household, count your blessings!

(ps - a word of hope: I read an article last night about the national unemployment rate having dropped to 8.7%...that's WAY down from where it has been!)

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