Saturday, November 12, 2011

Celebration Amid Sorrow

First, the bad news. I want to be able to end tonight on a happy note, so I'll start with the sorrow.

I mentioned just recently (last night?) that I have a pit bull. Rosie. Rosabelle. Rosy Belly. I should say had. T found her this morning when he got home from work. Wonderful man that he is, came in and let me know what happened before going back out into the cold morning to bury her properly, and all of that after working a 10 hour shift. She was just a beautiful, sweet, wonderful dog. The best introduction to pit bulls a person could ever ever ask for. Part of me feels very silly for the random sobs and tears throughout today, but I keep thinking about before there was T and she was the warm body sharing my bed. And after T, when she would snuggle with him in bed after I got up.

A few months after getting pregnant with D, when I really started to show, she wasn't allowed to be in the room at night, to get her used to not being in here (it's a small room, and D's crib would be in here as well as all of our stuff). And looking out at her area of the yard, as is my habit whenever I go in or out of the house, and seeing her cookpot sitting there so still and lonely. She did love playing soccer with that pot. :) So despite the silly feelings for being so completely distraught over the loss of my dog, I will continue to think of her often, and miss her like I would any of my children. Because that's what she was - one of my children.

Now for the celebration. Today, my big sister (ok, so she's my ONLY sister...and size-wise I'm the big sister) turned the big 3-5. I love to pick on her about getting old, but really I'm glad that we've both gotten older and (mostly) wiser. The 8 year age gap made it difficult to relate to each other very well for a long time, but now that we're "all growed up" we get along pretty well. I'm really proud of her for everything she's done with her life so far, and I really look forward to seeing her cakes selling...well, like hot cakes!

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