Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday Five

Whew! I seem to have missed last Friday's questions. It has been pretty darn busy around here. My mom moved to Mississippi a month ago to take a contract position. Other than missing the kids, she's...well, let's put it this way: She lives 10 blocks from the beach on the Gulf and she has a job, two things that seem essential to her well-being. So she was heading home, here, this past Tuesday, and the house was a DIS-AS-TER. Pile on a little last minute Thanksgiving at home projects for two kids which included sewing an Indian headress and making handprint turkey Thanksgiving shirts. Throw in a dash of 14 month old sprouting 2 teeth with more making their move. Sprinkle a little broken toilet, microwave, and refrigerator on top and you have my life for the past month.

Thankfully (get it? Thanksgiving? Thankfully?) I finished the shirts and the headress with only one tiny hole in my forehead from a broken machine needle (stupid feathers!) and even managed to find an awesomesauce fridge on Craigslist! New microwave and the only thing left is now getting the toilet fixed once and for all! Whoo!

On to today. Here's the get to know me!

2 names you go by: Scootie, Wormbreath (this one goes back to my days of worming under my parents blanket in the mornings and breathing awful kid breath to wake them up)
2 things you are wearing right now: A wink and a smile? Ha! I'm a horrible winker...No, really...a blue hunting brand tshirt of T's and a pair of chinese doll bermuda pajama shorts.
2 things you want right now: A quiet and sleeping babe, unchapped lips :(
2 things you did last night: Enjoy the Thanksgiving dinner I prepared (my first! And it was delicious AND on time!), delivered the bigs to their mom for the rest of the weekend
2 things you ate today: Cajun Filet biscuit from Bojangle's (nope, I don't live in the South. Nope, nuh uh), blueberry muffintop cereal shared with Baby D
2 favorite drinks: Cherry Coke with an extra shot of cherry, Waffle House Coffee

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