Sunday, November 6, 2011

Crockpotty Goodness

T just started a new schedule with work, and it means that Thursday nights are my rough night with the kids. I have limited time to get their homework done, get them fed, get him fed, fix his lunch and Heaven help me if they need a bath! So my crock pot has become my best friend (or more of a best friend anyway). This past Thursday, I made a really beefy stew..and B was thrilled to not see all of the veggies I usually toss in there.

Today I made an awesome potato soup. Mmmm... So creamy and rich. I cooked the potatoes first in some of the Knorr chicken stock and water, along with whatever seasonings looked good in the cabinet. Yes, this is really how I cook. Then, later I added some chopped carrots and a couple of chunks of celery for flavor? color? Finish off with some cream, butter, and instant taters to thicken it all up, top it off with freshly cooked bacon bits and some chives and you have you a meal. We ate ours with th asparagus bread I made last night. Sounds gross? Actually, it turned out pretty tasty.

Anyway, here's a recipe that a good friend of mine shared with me. Her name is Cecile and she's an awesome French mom I met in an online mom's group I used to belong to. I've seen this recipe elsewhere with a few variations, but this is how we do it here.

Salsa Chicken
Chicken breasts (I usually use 4-5 large-ish breasts, so we can freeze and/or eat the next day)
2 jars of salsa verde (we use the Walmart house brand. Tasty and only $1.94/each!)
1 block cream cheese or neufchatel
1 large can of black beans, drained (rinse if you're worried about sodium, but we don't add any extra salt)
1 can of corn

Combine chicken, beans, and salsa in the crock pot and cook on low for 4-7 hours, depending on how many breasts you're using. Around an hour before serving, shred each chicken breast and add the cream cheese and corn, stirring well. When ready, EAT!

Serving suggestions
Burritos with rice, over rice, as a dip for chips, topping for nachos

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