Thursday, November 3, 2011


Is it really upcycling if the clothing you're reusing is being made smaller? Would that make it more of a downcycling?

Either way, here's a peek at the shirt I made for Miss E, who seems to be forever lacking in cute shirts to wear to school. My lovely sister unloaded what seemed like half her closet when I went for a visit last week, and I've been barely able to sleep for a week with all the possibilities swimming in my head.

Basically I did what all of the wonderful tutorials online do when using a large shirt and making it smaller. I did use some of the bits that I trimmed off the bottom of the shirt to make two pockets on the front. Ever since I made a quickie apron from a $.97 handkerchief for career day for E, I've been stuck on adding pockets to everything I make for her. This time, though, with D pulling on the table with the sewing machine (it's a full house, so it's actually a laptop table in the living room right now), I paid a little less attention than I should. Look closely and you can see that the pocket on the left is actually inside out with the serged hem from the shirt on the outside. Meh...character, I tell ya. Also, the shirt originally had smooth seams for the shoulders, being a Mossimo paper tee from Target. Well, I traced big, apparently, so it wound up with poofy shoulders. I happen to love them on her, so it worked out well for me!

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