Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kids say the darnedest each other

Lately, B has been coming home from school in varying states of mind. First he just seemed really agitated, and when I questioned him, he broke down in tears and told me he was so worried about his friend "Jesse." Now, I'd never heard mention of this Jesse before now, but there are many of the kids in his grade that I don't really know. His reason for being so upset was that Jesse had hurt his neck and he was really sick. A few days later, he got off the bus struggling to hold back his tears. He'd gotten a bad behavior color for the day because he poked Jesse in the belly hard...and he cried because he said Jesse had gotten so skinny that he felt his spine when he poked him. Ooook...Finally, B was so excited yesterday when he got home because he said that Jesse was going to be ok since he'd gotten the bone replaced in his neck. Yay!

I needed to email his teacher about something else with his class so I figured I would ask her if she knew this kid and what was going on. Did I need to set a plate at dinner for B's new imaginary friend? She said she'd ask and investigate.

The story?
Jessie is a kid in another first grade class that B sees on the playground and at lunch. He'd been sick with strep and told B he had a broken neck!

Too funny!

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