Saturday, November 5, 2011

Saturday Six

I've seen over the past few days where people are doing a Friday Five, where they give you five things they want you to know about them. It could be just their plans for that day, or something about the way they wear their hair, anything.

Well, Baby D was being a fussy terror (thanks tooth farmer!) last night and I was unable to get to the laptop to post my first Friday Five. So, instead I'm going to make an attempt at the Saturday Six, just this once.

1. If I could choose a place for my family to move, it would either be somewhere in the UK (Wales?) or a nice small town in Canada.

2. I think of Mrs. G(ustafson) every time I sit down to sew. She taught my "Fashion Design" class in high school, and she taught me the proper way to go about things...even if I didn't/don't follow her rules. If it weren't for her, I'd have given up the first time I needed to get the bobbin thread up through the plate!

3. T and I have known each other since we were 9 and 11. We met when my family moved to town and opened a book store. Then we dated for about 3 weeks during senior year of high school, lost touch for 8 years and then he found me the day after my 25th birthday. I still maintain that it was the best birthday present I could have gotten.

4. I've had my passport for 3 years now, but it has yet to be used for anything beyond ID at a new job. I got it because my job at the time wanted to send me to Turkey for a year. Clearly I didn't get to go.

5. One of my favorite things to do is to hop in the car and drive. I'm talking, when you get that feeling where you want to be somewhere else (Florida? NY? Anywhere?) so you pack a bag, grab your keys and your phone and you drive. I miss doing those quickie trips now, but hopefully soon enough we'll be able to do some of those with the kids.

6. And...I was terrified of pit bulls until I rescued Rosie. Mom brought her home from GA during a family visit after rescuing her during a thunderstorm. She walked cautiously into the house, looked at all of us and immediately jumped into my lap and snuggled her nose into my neck. Sweetest. Dog. Ever.

There you go, your Saturday Six. Next week I'll try for the Friday Five, or maybe the Tuesday Two. Thursday Three? :)

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