Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Just Get Baked

I thought it shoulda been "Half Baked," but then it might make people think of uncooked batter instead of the movie.

That's right, I'm talking my sister's cake business. Based out of the Charlotte, NC area, Kyrie (pronounced KAI-ree) began crafting and sculpting cakes as a hobby, to prove to herself she could do it. The first taste of her cakes I got was when I sold her the wedding cake for one of my friends (now THAT'S confidence in her abilities!).

The cake was to be my wedding gift, mostly because I'd just brought T and his kids into my home and then lost my job...so I was broke. The cost of materials for the cake and the free advertising seemed like a good deal. And it was! It turned out so lovely, with simple tiers and purple butterfly and musical notes (bride and groom symbols) accentuating the fondant. And oh, was it tasty! The bride's mom sent home nearly a full tier with us and every time I went to the kitchen I grabbed a teensy slice...it got to be so I was coming up with excuses to go to the kitchen, such as "I need some ice in my glass that I just filled with ice" or "I want some...*walk quickly from the room*."

She also made the birthday cakes for the kids' birthdays
and my baby shower cakes.
*Shelby swears she was yawning...I'm not so sure it wasn't awe at the shoe!
I hear she is working on getting the Facebook page going for the cakes, too, which should include a portfolio of her work. As soon as I get the link, it's yours!

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